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Dernière modification:  21.8.2018 Prix (EUR):  Prix selon consultation
Année de fabrication:  neuf Longueur:  18,60 m / 61,02 fuss
Largeur:  8,19 m Poids:  135,00 kg
Tirant d'eau maximal:  1,00 m Poste d'amarrage:  Italie, MILAAN, ITALY
État:  Presque neuf Matériel de la coque:  Fibre de verre
Rémorque:  Sans remorque Numéro interne:  99475
Moteur: 2 × 40,44 kW (55,00 CV) 2XYANMAR
Équipement: The ICECAT 61 was born from the cooperation between ICE YACHTS and the Engineer Enrico Contreas, father of the legendary catamarans Mattia and absolutely one of the most experienced designers of catamarans. Together Ice Yachts and Contreas began the Design and the Development of a new generation of catamarans, and the ICECAT 61, a brand new multihull, characterized by very pure and efficient line. This represents a complete re-design of the legendary SBANDATO , the Mattia 56 that years ago, amazed everyone for the speed and manouvrability, and was absolutely the reference for a cat of that size. The lines leave little to the fashion of the moment, such as the bows completely inclined backwards. We believe that a boat, which is in anycase a cruising boat, although fast cruising boat, requires a convenient area in the bow, for example in order to recover a mooring rope from a buoy without going crazy and this is the philosophy of our cat. The bow is anyway characterized by a ?scimitar ? form as we find on the new ICE 33 and ICE 52.

SI160173; Designer: Enrico Contreas, Hersteller: ICEYachts, Italy;

TAKELAGE/SEGEL: type: Sloop rigged;